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Develop strong relationships around the Globe

Accelerate Your Responsible & Green Transformation

 Meet Retail, Industry & Tech leaders physically and virtually

Make Business World Tours with low CO2 emissions!

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The new International Club of Retail & Industry Companies Leaders committed to share Best Practices & Innovation  through immersive solutions to create faster a greater Future for:

4 the People

4 the Planet 

4 the Society 

4 Fair & Efficient Business

Mixed Reality physical events 
Collaborative Export 
Unique multichannel platform



Discover Best 4 Good Innovations!


Discover new markets and learn directly from people working there!


Exchange Knowledge Sharing with counterparts from all over the World! 


Special content, conferences, free courses and coaching on Social, Environmental & Technological Responsibility

The Great Match 4 Good Business!

  • Participate to recurrent international events, on site, online and in our Metaverse!

  • Participate to 4 GOOD jurys & World Tours 4 GOOD innovations

  • Participate to International Debates on 4 GOOD on current challenges & local responses

  • Participate to exclusive 1 to 1 & 1 to 5 meetings 4 GOOD with an international network of high quality 

4 GOOD Friday's

Your Monthly Meet'up of Liders 4 Good


Speak 4 Good

Share your experience of your country with foreign Business Men to share knowledge about your Market's 4 Good opportunities! 

Be invited to best matching events to Speak and boost your business or career internationally 

Réunion en ligne

Meet 4 Good

Discover 4Good Business Realities & Opportunities from local engaged members, 

Participate to actions with real impact: the results of our workshops, our conferences... will be posted &shared with all interested members and other Social Networks

who we are - Alexandra Barbosa



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About us - Alexandra Barbosa
Fontaine d'eau



Alexandra Barbosa

CEO of Myti-Retail & Co-founder of Liders4Good

« More than an event with limited duration we want to create strong links and emotions between the participants months before the actual event, and months after, so the experiences is real, true, deep and very useful for all the participants.

A long term collaborative International Develomment community centered around the Liders4Good Ecosystem, willing to grow internationally with the purpose to scale the benefits of its business for society, open its business to new ideas and concepts, or only grow as a person, a Human Being and as an Ethic conscious Business Manager or owner . »



1. Join a community of Top Executives sharing strong common values 

2Make world Tours of 4 Good Innovations

3. Get access to our Metaverse 4 Good, meet people around the world & collaborate

4. Learn practical information from countries in our collaborative export rooms

5. Organize or participate to virtual Hackathons in open service-rooms

6. Pratice foreign languages, receive unique advices and give an international turn to your carreer

7. Source collaboratively the Best Innovations for your Business or get precise go to market advice from potential prospects

8Become an early adopter  of new innovations and get special discounts & market advantages

9. Make grow with us our Liders4Good metaverse & Have Fun

10. Participate to Build an even Greater Future for next generations! 


Companies Represented






Associations supported!

Turn International has never been so easy! 


Liders 4 Good was created by Alexandra Barbosa, international Business specialist in the IT industry and founder of MYTI - Retail, an international business development consultancy, born in early 2020. 

After years working with ONGs and associations spreading useful knowledge sharing like a solution to fiht against poverty, or health problems,  and making some conferences about the "Good" use of technology for our Future. With some old expat colleagues and friends of the Retail, Banking & Tech industry, they decided to join their efforts to improve the way today we buy and sell IT solutions and help the ecosystem being more open to new ideas, cultures, solutions that will really have positive impact for our future, considering the 4 pillars of our values and missions: 

Good 4 the People - 4 the Planet - 4 Society - 4 Fair Business

We want to help our members to progress in Sustainable Purchase and Responsible attitude facing every challenge where different ways of resolving a same problem may appear. 

That comes with having a more global and precise picture of world situation and offer, 

more understanding and bid picture of each one's company global strategy, 

the deeper understanding of each market, and nothing better than taking the information directly from experienced local people. That is why we wanted to create a special community of engaged executives and potential B to B consumers that would enjoy technology to diversify each one's network without exaggerated Business expenses and making business based also on our own values and working styles =) 




The first time Alexandra Barbosa crossed a channel it was in Normandy during the early 80's. Her father had build a sailing boat for his family to cross the seas and oceans.

They only crossed the channel to the UK and sailed more of the Coasts of Normandy but that was engough for Alexandra to grow up with the passion for foreign seas and international adventures.

When she was only 16 years old, she crossed the ocean and lived by herself in the USA where she graduated from High School with Honnors and discovered her life long additionnal passion: long term immersions in new countries to understand deeply their cultures, ways of living, working and thinking. 

She then dedicated her life to this never-ending study project. 

After her "Classe Préparatoire", she graduated from the Edhec Business School and traveled the world  before landing in Latin America where she'll spent 13 years... working in the Retail and Software industries and participated to exciting projects in Brazil for the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games.

Since she came back to Europe, she has lived between Paris, Lisbon, Barcelona and the South of France, expanding companies in Europe and through the world. 

Totally passionate about sales and innovation, Alexandra has the particularity to have worked as a Retailer and as Provider in different countries, as well as in Banking and Payment, in multinational and Start-ups, getting a unique point of view of the market.

Alexandra accompanied numerous companies through international success, and knows that all success is due to the right Human Beings combination.

"With Liders4Good, my objective is to transmit my passions for international cultures and people and then help the right persons and ideas to meet so we can improve faster our businesses... 

And above all, the objective is to make improve our individual our societies and lives thanks to smarter and more effective international collaboration, of conscious and ethical dedicated professionals."

Alexandra helped to develop internationally companies like SNCF, Casino, Crédit Mutuel, BNP-Paribas and starts-ups like Connecthings, Anycommerce, Avosdim... and may help you too to give a boost to your business...4Good!

Liders 4 Good

Let's accelerate world change 4 Good!

Accelerate Your International Development

Liders 4 Good is a platform created by Myti-Retail, your International Development Accelerator. 

Taylor-made and all-in-one solutions to accelerate Providers's international growth & scale-up their businesses.

Solutions for Retailers & Industry to optimize their offer, model, operations & bring real value 4 Good! 



Request more information about our services and consultancy to help you implement the right immersive strategy for your business.

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