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 A Passion for Humans, Technology and Wold Cultures

Technology & International Collaboration at the Service of a Better Future! 

Innovation and Progress in Business that brings value 4 Good:

- 4 Fair Business

- 4 the People

- 4 the Planet  

- 4 the Society!



The first time Alexandra Barbosa crossed a channel it was in Normandy during the early 80's. Her father had build a sailing boat for his family to cross the seas and oceans.

They only crossed the channel to the UK and sailed more of the Coasts of Normandy but that was engough for Alexandra to grow up with the passion for foreign seas and international adventures.

When she was only 16 years old, she crossed the ocean and lived by herself in the USA where she graduated from High School with Honnors and discovered her life long additionnal passion: long term immersions in new countries to understand deeply their cultures, ways of living, working and thinking. 

She then dedicated her life to this never-ending study project. 

After her "Classe Préparatoire" in the Lycée Carnot, in Paris, she integrated the Edhec Business School and worked as a flight attendant on long distance destinations at Air France while she was still studying, opening the door to a worlwide vision of business and life. 

She also worked for the then FRET SNCF for the first mission of international development and partnerships in Europe of the history of the company. After firming a partnership with Switzerland, she finally decides to continue her young career in South America where she worked for 11 years in the retail and digital solutions industries, exploring the lands of Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Uruguay, Argentina, Costa Rica and Panama and participated to exciting projects for the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games.

Since she came back to Europe, she has lived between Paris, Lisbon and Barcelona, expanding companies in Europe and through the world. 

Totally passionate about sales and innovation, Alexandra has the particularity to have worked as a Retailer and as Provider in different countries, as well as in Banking and Payment, in multinational and Start-ups, getting a unique point of view of the market.

Alexandra accompanied numerous companies through international success, and knows that all success is due to the right Human Beings combination.


"With Liders4Good, my objective was to transmit my passions for international cultures and human beings, creating a club of visionary people that would share their knowledge to help us to understand better each other, learn from the other and brainstorm together to shape the future of our businesses.


Make people know each other in spite of the distance, help the right persons and ideas to meet so we can improve faster our businesses, societies and lives thanks to smarter and more effective international collaboration, of conscious and ethical experienced professionals."

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Our Values and Commitments

Diversity of Thinking
Social Inclusion
Mind Openness
Humans First


World Peace & Respect


Your Right Match for Immersive Business!




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